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Professional and Legal Debt Recovery

Our Profession

LHO & Associates is a professional firm specializing in DEBT RESOLUTION

This term simply means that we are committed to resolve all categories of corporate and personal debt accounts; as we are a ONE-STOP SOLUTION provider securing your entire Sales & Receivables cycle for all types of businesses.

Our unique proposition is that there will be NO UPFRONT CHARGES. Our charges are on a successful recovery basis which includes collection of all instalment settlements.

If there is no recovery after enforcing all feasible actions, we will assist you with the Insolvency Management and/or Tax Treatment for those irrecoverable debts.


Professional and Legal Debt Recovery

Our Philosophy


To implement a personal touch on every collection point; acknowledging that not all accounts should be pursued with the same strategy.


We strive to be the resource centre for all stakeholders and defaulters regardless of their background, to form a society that is literate in ethical collection and resolution procedures;


We believe that every possible encounter is an opportunity for a harmonious resolution.


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Successful Cases


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Recovered Debts

Our Core Competencies

100% legal

We perform ALL legitimate recovery actions available in the market.

0% Upfront Fees

No upfront charges or deposits required.

10% Fees

Our solutions are tailored to achieve the lowest charges possible, as low as 10%.

Claims >RM1,000

We operate strategically to accept claims from as low as RM1,000 onwards.

Debtor Resolution

We provide alternative solutions to resolve debts with your Debtors without going to the court.

Fast Action

We commit our actions to commence as soon as 5 working days.

Settlement & Collection

Our recovery actions extend till the conclusion of settlement agreements and collection of payments.

Tax Deduction

We provide supporting documents for tax treatment of irrecoverable debts.